Information System : Maps

Maps are a great form of information systems. There is a lot to be seen and is easy to navigate with out words. Maps have a hierarchy which is similar to all maps making them universal.  On the MET and MOMA trip to the city I found a booth that provided a  map of central park. This map provided a lay out of the park and all of the trails and possible roots to take. At the booth a worker drew out where you were and gave you possible roots which were highlighted in a thick white line or main roads and thin white lines for side paths to get to where you wanted to be next. Our path brought us straight o the back of the MET where I  was able to get another map that laid out the floors and building of both the MET and MOMA. Maps also provide a key which allows the viewer to see what each piece means making it easier to decipher with out words. There is a clear hierarchy in all maps where the more important/the more populated areas are larger and more visible then the small side roads/paths.


Identity system : Organic COFFEE, Natural Food

There are identity systems everywhere you look, from store fronts to branding. PRET is a natural foods and organic coffee shop in the city. PRET gave off a very inviting setting with walls of colorful fresh sandwiches and drinks with natural and farm fresh smells. There were also wooden, natural looking signs along the walls with quotes and -PRET CREATES- which told their customers that they proved homemade and natural foods.  Eating the food you were immediately able to taste the natural and fresh taste.


The envioroment was inviting by the calm music playing faintly in the background and the natural wood tables that you were able to sit at and enjoy your food.

Online Portfolio

screenshot-9.pngWix is a great example of an online portfolio and shared creative works site. Wix provides free use with a username and password. Wix starts you off by asking you questions to see what kind of a site you would like to create whether its for photography, business, blog,  online store, portfolio and many more. After filling out this simple info Wix then leads you to example sites which you can look at and be inspired by and also gives you many templates to use or to start off with. I really like the amount of options available to use or just to view.

Here’s a link so you can check it out yourself!


Self Promotion

c46a03fda225b5b6fc94f0fff52292acEveryone has a different self-promotion identity for themselves and a different way of promoting  them self, this self promotion piece really stuck out to me because of the vibrant colors and individuality of each piece. I really liked the simplicity of the PRETTYPEAS.COM business cards, but also the way that they are hand made and individualized to each card. I think this gives a very personal touch.

I think that the use of water color is a really nice and soft look behind the black stamped writing, giving it a very unique look and adds texture to the cards.  You can find more of their works at along with other stamping tools and their favorite watercolor options. PrettyPeasPaperie-Clear-Custom-Rubber-Stamp

Great Design Blog

A great design website i found was “design shack”. Design shack is a blog website that talks about all different design aspects from graphics to layouts to typography. The last article was particularly intriguing talking about how to create a logo and what is looked for in a great logo. The design shack gave lots of inspiration, tips and reviews on many different subjects that are labeled by who, the date and the category it can be found in.

I think this is a great blog site and you can check it out at,


Information Design

This example of an information designs was created by Stanford Kay Studios. I chose this example because it grabbed my eye where I was immediately able to have a good idea of what the poster is about.

I liked the execution of the literal use of the foot to show the  Global Carbon foot print of each nation and thought it was a very creative and intriguing design choice. This poster is easy to understand and is a visually pleasing as a whole. The use of arrows create an easy balance and guide the viewers eye to the section of the foot.

The hierarchy of the circles was also successful because of placement and the way size correlates to the amount used. It is easy to tell which nations have the biggest impact with out having to read any thing. The design isn’t too crowded and allows the viewer to easily find information. The use of color grouping certain areas allowed for the viewers eye to be dragged around the poser with ease.

You can find this poster a this link

Identity systems


This “Movers” design created for a moving service is a great example of an identity system. This is a great example of a well done identity system because it is not only a quick and easy symbol to read and understand but it shows a great use of negative and positive space which was also made in a creative way.

I really like the way that the hand demonstrates a literal hand picking up something but simultaneously it also creates a negative space that visually creates the shape of a house using just a small brown rectangle to stand as a door to make their objective obvious. The simplicity of this logo makes it such a good and well designed identity system.

This design was created by Movers Logo Design – Branding by

Ambiguity of Positive and Negative Space

cbsThis iconic news symbol has a great use of ambiguity and negative positive space. The CBS symbol was created for the Columbia Broadcasting System, an American English language commercial broadcast television network : property of CBS Corporation. This logo was initially created by William Golden. 

William Golden was an american graphic designer who was best known for his work at Colombia Broadcasting System. The CBS symbol is sometimes referred to as the “Eye Network” which is in reference to the company’s iconic logo. The “eye” logo has been in use since 1951, also known as the “Tiffany Network”. 

This symbol has a very simple but effective black and white juxtaposition making it simple but also recognizable.

Created by : William Golden

Graphic Design in everyday life

IMG_1881Graphic design can be found all over the place. This poster is a great example of not only graphics but Typography and Illustration. I was really drawn in to this poster that I found in my residence hall because of the colors and the way the type popped out at me.

I really like the hierarchy being used in this piece to create emphasis on the title. The use of typography in this piece is working really nicely giving you all the information you need but still keeping the poster simple and intriguing.  I also really like the way that the “Elliot Zimet | master of illusion” was placed on the poster. The words aren’t in the generic left to right reading style but placed above and below his name in smaller lighter font which creates a more intriguing title but still allows your eye to follow the text easily.

The illustration was also done in a very nice manor, placing a black background behind the colorful area so that the parrot and man pop out at the viewer.  I feel like this was done in a very creative manor kind of creating a kind of 3D affect.

Jacqueline S. Casey

jcJacqueline Casey is a graphic designer who studied for a Bachelors in fine arts at fashion design and illustration at the Massachusetts College of Art . Casey was best known for her graphic design posters created at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). Casey’s designs were distinctive publicity posters for MIT events. Casey’s posters generally consisted of a striking image or bold typography which is accompanied by informational details in small text.

Jacqueline Casey’s use of simplicity of  mostly black or white backgrounds with one eye drawing graphic. These posters are very simplistic in the way that they do not have  a lot going on which makes the point stand out.

Casey was recruited by a fellow MassArt alumna to work in the office of publications where she became director which was a major achievement for only few women were working at this professional level for MIT in this field at the time. i02