Information Design

wine chart

This information design is successful because it appeals to the eye in that there is an array of color throughout, allowing the viewers eye to jump around; it also appeals to all kinds of people as not everyone has the same taste in wines and the design helps the viewer to find a type they can identify with. Furthermore, it gives options to help the viewer branch out and experience new wines and tastes. I feel like these spider-webbed graphic organizers have been outdated and this was a perfect way to incorporate them for each kind of wine.

Here is a link to the website which was linked to this photo on Pinterest.

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One thought on “Information Design”

  1. I can appreciate this information design because as a waitress, we go through extensive wine training. It’s a lot of information to learn and remember and this poster would’ve been very helpful for me at the time. It’s easy to understand and the branches really help show the wines that carry the same traits and characteristics.


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