David Carson


David Carson, a man who took typography to new heights. For most of his career he focused on magazine design and experimenting with typography which would change a lot of people views on typography. In 1993, Carson started what he called Garage Fonts. Most of the fonts had a worn out feel and had the negative white space actually interfere with the black lettering. Some of the fonts look like white paint splatters, or something we would see on a brick wall. The texture of the fonts are very rustic and old but are loved by so many including myself.

carson 2

One thought on “David Carson”

  1. I actually did my magazine project on David Carson. I didn’t know that he created Garage Fonts, but I wouldn’t be surprised because his style is so similar to it. He revolutionized grunge typography and he always sought to break the rules in graphic design. His influence has really helped me shape my style.


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