Cipe Pineles

md_pinelesc_charm17_cvrs_640Cipe Pineles was born in Austria in 1908 and quickly became an american graphic designer and art director. Her career focuses on her spreads in magazines such as Seventeen, Charm and Mademoiselle. She was best known as being the first female art director of many major magazines. Pineles was also well known for being the first person to successfully bring fine art into everyday media.

Pineles spent around 60 years in the design world starting at the age of 23. In 1932 Cipe became an assistant to art director M.F. Agha. M.F. Agha dabbled in photography and layout and allowed Pineles to do what she pleased allowing her to make many of her own projects. Her career then took her to being the art director for Glamour where she was able to use various images and type targeted for young women.

Cipe Pineles

Cipe Pineles Graphic Design History

“We tried to make the prosaic attractive without using the tired clichés of false glamour. You might say we tried to convey the attractiveness of reality, as opposed to the glitter of a never-never land.
—Cipe Pineles”

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  1. I was reading through some of the other History of Graphic Design posts and it’s interesting to see that most of America’s famous Graphic Designers (in these posts) come from all over the world.


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