Self Promotion

c46a03fda225b5b6fc94f0fff52292acEveryone has a different self-promotion identity for themselves and a different way of promoting  them self, this self promotion piece really stuck out to me because of the vibrant colors and individuality of each piece. I really liked the simplicity of the PRETTYPEAS.COM business cards, but also the way that they are hand made and individualized to each card. I think this gives a very personal touch.

I think that the use of water color is a really nice and soft look behind the black stamped writing, giving it a very unique look and adds texture to the cards.  You can find more of their works at along with other stamping tools and their favorite watercolor options. PrettyPeasPaperie-Clear-Custom-Rubber-Stamp

One thought on “Self Promotion”

  1. LOVE this idea of not one card being the exact same. Keeps the artists individuality but keeps things constantly different.


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