Graphic Design Process : From Problem to Solution: 20 Case Studies

This book caught my attention because it included making sketches by hand before doing everything on the computer. They talk about how a person can hand draw their idea to effectively be able to make a graphic out of it in the future.  I could relate to this because I like to sketch out my ideas before I put it onto the computer. I also like to do this because it helps me see what ideas will work together and which will not. This also helps me because my ideas look much different in my head than when I decide to put them on paper so in the end it helps me save time and avoid silly mistakes. In Chapter 3 they talk about an artist named Ed Fella and how he used sketches to effectively generate his ideas. In this chapter it says “Fella picks a letter or a word out of the air and builds from there, often combining words into compact sayings.” The picture I chose is a perfect example of this. Even though the sentence doesn’t make sense to the reader, he creatively puts the text together while also adding vibrant colors. Both these aspects make it visually appealing even though the words don’t make sense together the design of the text makes it look like it belongs together. His use of color is also effective because he is putting warm colors next to cool colors in a balanced way, once again making it visually appealing.

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