Identity system

The meaning behind an identity system explains itself. It’s simply how you identify a product or service. You can either identify a product by the name and the design of the typeface or by the picture representing the name.

Although Nike is a logo, they have made a great way to identify their company with the famous Nike swoosh. The design was made by Carolyn Davidson starting in 1971 and have changed the logo a couple times since the start of Nike. nikelogosTheir logo consists of the main qualities needed for an identity system which is consistency and flexibility. Since Nike has been manufacturing goods they have consistently had the same logo with the swoosh. Nike has also changed the color for the logo depending on the product that they are selling. And they have been flexible by not only providing typeface into their brand but also an image. Both have been used on their products together and separately which provides a good standard of flexibility.


This website is for more about the brand:

And this website is to see it incorporated onto their product:!g!c!br!e!nike

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