Identity System


Manduka is a company that sells yoga paraphernalia and is inspired by the responsibility to reduce global consumption by making better products for our earth that last longer. I admire its identity system because it truly sums up everything about the company and their products.

The circular design is located on every piece of Manduka equipment. The frog symbolizes the eco friendly, organic materials used for their products as well as good grip technology that every yogi seeks on their mat. I enjoy that such a simple creature can have so much meaning for a yoga store. As a Manduka consumer myself, I can vouch for its Identity system because my yoga mat is better quality and has lasted longer than any other one I’ve owned.

If anyone else practices yoga and is interested in their products, here is the Manduka Website. I highly recommend!!!!!

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One thought on “Identity System”

  1. I visited Manduka’s website and I completely agree that the logo does an amazing job of representing the company as a whole! I think that the simplicity of using just one color on the logo and the interaction of positive and negative space make the identity system easy to adapt to any product.


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