Online Portfolio

An online portfolio example I found is a website called Wix is a website that is targeted at all different types of artists from photographers to web designers. It’s a straight forward website that allows easy navigation and helps you create a beautifully designed professional site. Wix can be used by anyone and you don’t need any coding or website building skills!

Six includes over 500 different templates as well as thousands of other features completely for free.



Self Promotion


This self promotion piece that I chose was designed by a digital painter named Sherman Jackson. This business card really stood out to me and made me say “wow”. As a digital painter it’s only right to have a business card that can capture your talent. This business card already captured my attention to the artist and I haven’t even seen his actual work which is completely the goal in self promotion.

About the Business Card

High On Design

High On Design is a blog created by Wix Design in the start of 2018. High On Design is an amazingly informative blog covering all aspects and how to’s of design. This blog really stands out to me because not only does it have informative tutorials, it also includes playlists for specific artistic moods you may be feeling. I feel that having all of these funky playlists attached to a blog titled ‘High On Design’ is a super funny, intriguing and modern take on finding inspiration inside yourself.

High On Design

Check it out and get inspired! 

Information Design

preparaciones_cafe This information design is extremely interesting to me since it is such an informative straight forward piece of art giving it an all around well done job. Its presented cutely and easy enough to understand quickly which most people want in an informative ad. I really enjoy this particular informative design since in my personal experience I sometimes  have no idea what some coffees are that I order when the coffee shops don’t provide or have the descriptions.  I feel like a lot of people have this issue which is why this design works so well.


Identity Systems: Nike


Nike is one of the most successful companies selling anything from apparel, footwear, equipment and accessories. Nike’s logo is extremely successful in the sense that it is so simple yet so recognizable.

hwl With just a simple checkmark and the catch phrase “Just Do It”, any one is able to recognize the symbol. What makes the logo even more fascinating is  how the words Nike don’t need to be present for people to recognize it. The word and check mark are able to work together or alone and will still be identifiable.





Positive & Negative Space

shutterstock_284489381Originally known as Federal Express only, FedEx was first started in 1971 and only started off as a small delivery company. Today we know FedEx to be one of the top delivery companies in the world. FedEx has grown into the powerhouse delivery system totaling in millions of deliveries year round. The FedEx logo, created by designer Lindon Leader, is bright and easily recognizable that makes people anticipate their deliveries However, our eyes can almost overlook the unique way the words play and utilize positive and negative space. The words not only say FedEx, but the E and X together form an arrow. This arrow is a form of marketing to promote the companies speed and precision in an almost subliminal sense.

Lindon Leader Blog Posts

Seen in the Real World

Real World Graphic Design
IMG_3300Graphic design is used in every aspect of our day to day lives, it’s completely all around us even if we aren’t noticing it. This revelation hit me as I was just casually enjoying my iced tea. It dawned on me that one of the reasons I even chose that specific tea was because I enjoyed how it looked. As I was deciding what to buy I saw this brand “Peace Tea” and was extremely intrigued by how cool the design was. I felt that the logo and design really had a ‘peaceful’ vibe to it and it drew me in. This is exactly what a graphic designer is trying to convey in their designs. Graphic designers jobs are to get you to read and to look at with interest in what they create. The Peace Tea company uses bright colors and loud images to draw your eye in. Even someone like me who is very aware of graphic design was ‘fooled’ in a sense by this design and that intrigues me so much more to this line of work and profession.