Books on Graphic Design: Thinking with Type

Thinking with Type by Ellen Lupton is an all time best selling book that doubles as a guide and stimulating visuals for typography. This edition includes content that covers information on print, style sheets, use of captions, numerals, fonts and typefaces. This book gives all the do’s and dont’s of the font world and even advice on how to break the rules with fonts.

Ellen Lupton is the director of Graphic Design MFA program at the Maryland Institute College of the Arts as well as a curator of contemporary design at Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum in NYC. She is also a writerThinkingWithType_Post_01 and educator which is what inspired her to write and create the informative book of type for others to work and reflect with.

This book gives many helpful visual examples and explanations of all things type. This book is mainly targeted for those who are in the field of design, writing and editing and really make such a huge difference in how things can be styled.



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