Online Portfolio: Behance

I enjoyed looking through portfolios on because they offer a wide range of content but keep it looking neat so the person viewing the site won’t be overwhelmed. I would definitely use this website for my portfolio. It is also free which is another benefit. They offer curated galleries with some of the sites best works ranging from graphic designs, sound, and many other categories. They even went as far as to group the artworks by which Adobe application they were made in. This can be found in the Creative tools tab. There is then a link for live illustrations on youtube and a schedule for when they will be held. You are even able to replay some of them. What stood out to me the most is that they have a section for jobs where you can put in your location and what services you have to offer. This portion is constantly updated and I think it is effective and even crucial for a portfolio website because there is a stigma that artists have a hard time finding jobs but this part is flooded with available positions.

When you first enter the site they show their “Best of Behance” where there is a lot of colorful and interesting pieces. I found one of my favorite pieces on this page which was a motion graphic made for MAC Cosmetics liquid lip products. The graphic wasn’t moving on the home page, but the colors caught my eye and then when I clicked on it I realized it was a motion graphic which made me like it even more.


This is the home page of the website

This is the MAC Cosmetics motion graphic


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