Online Portfolio: Behance

I enjoyed looking through portfolios on because they offer a wide range of content but keep it looking neat so the person viewing the site won’t be overwhelmed. I would definitely use this website for my portfolio. It is also free which is another benefit. They offer curated galleries with some of the sites best works ranging from graphic designs, sound, and many other categories. They even went as far as to group the artworks by which Adobe application they were made in. This can be found in the Creative tools tab. There is then a link for live illustrations on youtube and a schedule for when they will be held. You are even able to replay some of them. What stood out to me the most is that they have a section for jobs where you can put in your location and what services you have to offer. This portion is constantly updated and I think it is effective and even crucial for a portfolio website because there is a stigma that artists have a hard time finding jobs but this part is flooded with available positions.

When you first enter the site they show their “Best of Behance” where there is a lot of colorful and interesting pieces. I found one of my favorite pieces on this page which was a motion graphic made for MAC Cosmetics liquid lip products. The graphic wasn’t moving on the home page, but the colors caught my eye and then when I clicked on it I realized it was a motion graphic which made me like it even more.


This is the home page of the website

This is the MAC Cosmetics motion graphic


Self Promotion

I think the most successful use of self promotion is business cards. They are small and portable, making it easy to carry them with you at all times even when you don’t think you will need them. Even though social media is great for self promotion, I feel that when you hand someone a card with your name and logo on it it will have more of an impact because they can physically hold your brand. If you just give them your instagram name they could easily forget it. Also if they like the design or layout of your card they will be even more intrigued to look into your business. The card offers every way to access your artworks and all your contact information.


I chose this card because I think it is visually appealing while also being organized. The metallic color against the matte black really makes the card stand out amongst other makeup artists cards. I think the use of the graphic is effective because I was able to tell that the card had something to do with makeup before I even read the text. I also think the use of different fonts makes it fun but still organized.

I found this card on this website…

Stitch press is a company that lets you create your own business card with a wide range of colors, fonts, and paper stock. They have a section called “Portfolio” where I found this business card and where they show some of the work they have done for other people.

Great Design Blog: Abduzeedo

I searched through many blogs and none of them really caught my attention. Most of them had a very busy design with links that looked unorganized. I got frustrated and didn’t even take the time to read what the website had to offer. I am a visual learner so Abduzeedo was one of my favorite blogs. The home page is organized with simple titles on each of the links. I like that they used a black background with white text, this is one of the main reasons this blog caught my eye. My favorite part about the blog is that they have a section for “Daily Inspiration.” They post works from artist to inspire the viewers daily. They also give the viewers the opportunity to submit their works to be featured. I also enjoyed that they included motion graphics because I didn’t see that on many other  design blogs.

Information Design


I believe this is a good example of information design. I think the pictures of the fruit and use of percents is effective because it is showing the viewer that this product is a smoothie like drink. It is in a language other than english and I am still able to tell that these are the components of the smoothie drink being advertised. The drink is small on the bottom but it is essential to this design because without it someone who didn’t speak this language wouldn’t understand why there was sliced fruit with percents next to it. Even though this is in a different language I can clearly understand that the drink has orange, banana, lemon, and pineapple in it. I even know exactly how much of each fruit is in the drink. This is not a complex design but as the viewer I can grab so much information from it without even having to read the text provided, making the design very informative and successful.

Identity Systems

Adidas is a well known athletic clothing company. I think their design is easy to identify because 3 stripes are always included on every single one of their products. If a person is seeing this symbol over and over again they will quickly be able to identify the adidas symbol anywhere. From the beginning of the company up until now they have consistently stayed with the theme of having 3 stripes in their logo no matter how many ways they have altered the actual logo. I think this consistency is key when having such a big name brand. They also keep their logos neat and simple so the person looking at it won’t have to think into the design to much. The adidas company started off with cleats for sports but has now moved into gym clothes and sweats. All of these still having the 3 stripe theme on them. The pants have the 3 white stripes along the side of the pant leg, while sweatshirts and gym clothes have the adidas symbol along with the word “Adidas.” I think their use of type right under their logo is also effective because if people see the logo without the type they will automatically recognize that it is adidas.


adidas website –

The 3 striped theme logo was created by the owner Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler


Seen in the real world

Typography that caught my eye was Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks. I also love how she put her signature flowy drips on everything. I think the drips effectively tie all her products together even though there is such a huge range of colors. I think the aspect of the drips is effective in promoting a liquid lipstick line. She also incorporates the drips on her regular packaging so the bottle and the box it comes in matches. Although, for this specific color it was part of her holiday collection so the packaging was just plain silver. I like how the packaging has “Holiday Collection” in bold but underneath is “Kylie” in caps and in bigger text then the previous line. I feel like this makes the consumer very aware of the brand there are looking at. I also think the silver is appealing to the eye especially for the holidays because it is used a lot on decorations. On the actual bottle the silver is incorporated again along with her name and the drips. I think all of these aspects match so well that it makes it pleasing to the consumers eyes.

Marian Bantjes


In 2005 Marian Bantjes began to send out valentines to a large number of people. She began by creating one image and sending it out to various people. Two years later she decided to hand draw each valentine. She ended up creating individual valentines for over 100 people. I thought this was a really creative idea because people can sometimes be lonely on valentines day so receiving an unexpected personalized valentine will make them feel better. She wrote general statements on them that anyone could relate to and appreciate hearing. It’s really inspiring that she put in this time and effort to make these valentines for people. She didn’t make a profit on them she did it solely out of the goodness in her heart.