Self Promotion

I think the most successful use of self promotion is business cards. They are small and portable, making it easy to carry them with you at all times even when you don’t think you will need them. Even though social media is great for self promotion, I feel that when you hand someone a card with your name and logo on it it will have more of an impact because they can physically hold your brand. If you just give them your instagram name they could easily forget it. Also if they like the design or layout of your card they will be even more intrigued to look into your business. The card offers every way to access your artworks and all your contact information.


I chose this card because I think it is visually appealing while also being organized. The metallic color against the matte black really makes the card stand out amongst other makeup artists cards. I think the use of the graphic is effective because I was able to tell that the card had something to do with makeup before I even read the text. I also think the use of different fonts makes it fun but still organized.

I found this card on this website…

Stitch press is a company that lets you create your own business card with a wide range of colors, fonts, and paper stock. They have a section called “Portfolio” where I found this business card and where they show some of the work they have done for other people.

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