Seen in the Real World

Real World Graphic Design
IMG_3300Graphic design is used in every aspect of our day to day lives, it’s completely all around us even if we aren’t noticing it. This revelation hit me as I was just casually enjoying my iced tea. It dawned on me that one of the reasons I even chose that specific tea was because I enjoyed how it looked. As I was deciding what to buy I saw this brand “Peace Tea” and was extremely intrigued by how cool the design was. I felt that the logo and design really had a ‘peaceful’ vibe to it and it drew me in. This is exactly what a graphic designer is trying to convey in their designs. Graphic designers jobs are to get you to read and to look at with interest in what they create. The Peace Tea company uses bright colors and loud images to draw your eye in. Even someone like me who is very aware of graphic design was ‘fooled’ in a sense by this design and that intrigues me so much more to this line of work and profession.



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