Sleek Interface

The online web hosting site Square Space is a popular platform for those looking to create a site of their own.  the platform offers a free trial, with $12 and $18 per month options. A feature I found to be unique was that students get 50% off their first full year. Square Space also gives their customers many options to chose from, and templates for any type of website model, with option to adjust how one pleases.  The design of their own website is very navigable and free of any needless type or designs. This makes Square Space a good platform to create an online portfolio on, much like other artists have done for themselves.

square space

squarw space

One artist, Jacquelin Deleon, uses Square Space to show her work, her shop, and link to her social media. As for her portfolio, the website design she chose is unique, with large banners introducing her projects and areas of work, followed by several images with labels on what they are. This is definitely unique and presents her work in a creative way to those viewing her site and those who may be looking to hire her for a project. Thus giving Square Space the representation of having sleek and effective options when it comes to user friendly portfolio sites.

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