Graphics For Change: Lanny Sommese

Lanny Sommese- Amnesty International 1988

Lanny Sommese: Amnesty International 1988

Lanny Sommese’s work above is titled “Amnesty International.” Lanny attended to the University Of Illinois, receiving his bachelors in Florida.  Sommese is a known partner of Penn States Institute for Arts and Humanities.  He is also a member of The University and College Designers Association, and a member of the Alliance Graphique Internationale. He is well known for his graphic design pieces.

In the poster above, involving human rights, Sommese is portraying a linked wire fence as hands reaching out, trying to hold together as a union.  He wanted his audience to receive the message that even through the hard times, people should keep hope. Reaching and latching onto each other, trying to stay together and stand their ground.

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