Design Blog

This a design blog that in my opinion looks fantastic. It’s an art and design blog that showcases all sorts of visually stimulating work. Its layout is simple and easy to navigate, the work takes up the whole page enveloping the user in gorgeous content, and there’s content catered to whatever interest is relevant to the user.

There are many interesting elements on the page that strike me as unique but effective in attracting attention. The logo and navigation bar are dynamic and showcase beautiful-looking animations when you hover over them. Because the header image is big and bold, the website feels all-encompassing and the content feels very unconstrained as a result.

As you move down the blog, you’ll notice other enticing elements to the website. The highlights for instance allows the user to view work that is featured and can be very inspirational to look at. Down further, the creativity finder is a great method of searching for content that you can relate to by putting down information such as the location that you’re from, what kind of work you’re looking for, and for what purpose.

All in all, a lovely blog with many visually appealing elements that can inspire anyone from the blossoming artist to a design veteran looking to improve their skills further.

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