Identity System

I always have found that Nike is one of the best logos and fits the “identity” they have created for themselves well.  Nike is one of the most recognizable logos there is because their footwear and athletic apparel does so well on the market.  I can’t help to think that one of the main reasons their company blasted off so fast was the easy-to-read check mark logo.  It’s as simple as simple gets, no flashy colors or intricate details, just a solid check mark that can symbolize so many things- the idea of getting things done, being motivated in your daily life, or just speed and endurance.

Since the logo is so effective, putting it on every type of apparel to wear was an ingenious idea and ended up being extremely successful, worldwide.  Not only is the logo attractive, but their clothing design wears so well and is very comfortable.  It’s easy to spend your money on apparel that is well made, comfortable and attractive to wear.  NIKE.jpg

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