“The Shape of Graphic Design” by Frank Chimero

The Shape of Graphic Design

The Shape of Graphic Design is written by Frank Chimero. Chimero describes his publication in the following quote inside:

“The project will be focused on Why instead of How. We have enough How; it’s time for a thoughtful analysis of our practice and its characteristics so we can better practice our craft. After reading the book, I want you to look at what you do in a whole new light. Design is more than working for clients.

But really, this book aims to look at the mindset and worldview that designing develops in order to answer one big, important question: How can we make things that help all of us live better?”

One part of Chimero’s book that I will keep in mind when I am working on my own art is the idea of storytelling in “Chapter 7: Stories and Voids.” Telling a story within a design can catch a viewer’s attention, with the incorporation of empathy, causing them to continue to observe the whole piece, from top to bottom. This is true with any form of art, from music, to magazines or books, and even on a billboard. The goal of any form of design is to catch a person’s attention and to pull them in, wanting to learn more about the art.

What appealed to me the most about this book is that it simply isn’t a textbook, teaching readers how to create and design. It was made so artists are able to turn to it when they are struggling to find a purpose in their work.

One thought on ““The Shape of Graphic Design” by Frank Chimero”

  1. The perspective of how design affects us is a unique approach to write about, especially how its goal is to find a purpose in the art.


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