Graphics for Change: Gale Hart

This painting is titled “Why not eat your pet?” by Gale Hart. She wanted to tackle the issue of animal cruelty.

Gale Hart is a Sacramento based multimedia artist. Her work includes paintings, sculptures, and furniture.

As seen in this image, Hart has a unique style throughout her paintings. She complied multiple components to form one whole image. Her goal through her pieces are to engage viewers and get them thinking about the state of humanity, and other important issues.

To see more of Gale Hart’s work, visit her website.


One thought on “Graphics for Change: Gale Hart”

  1. I really like the work of Gale Hart after looking at the website that was posted. Animal cruelty is major issue that is not stressed and talked about enough. I feel the art piece you chose to show is very powerful and I the modern twist to a simple pig really catches the eye; while one part of the pig is normal the other part is an intriguing pattern.


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