Identity Systems

Adidas is a well known athletic clothing company. I think their design is easy to identify because 3 stripes are always included on every single one of their products. If a person is seeing this symbol over and over again they will quickly be able to identify the adidas symbol anywhere. From the beginning of the company up until now they have consistently stayed with the theme of having 3 stripes in their logo no matter how many ways they have altered the actual logo. I think this consistency is key when having such a big name brand. They also keep their logos neat and simple so the person looking at it won’t have to think into the design to much. The adidas company started off with cleats for sports but has now moved into gym clothes and sweats. All of these still having the 3 stripe theme on them. The pants have the 3 white stripes along the side of the pant leg, while sweatshirts and gym clothes have the adidas symbol along with the word “Adidas.” I think their use of type right under their logo is also effective because if people see the logo without the type they will automatically recognize that it is adidas.


adidas website –

The 3 striped theme logo was created by the owner Adolf ‘Adi’ Dassler


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