History of Graphic Design- Louise Fili

For the third blog assignment, I have chosen to write about Louise Fili’s work in the graphic design field, and how things have changed since her youth.  Fili had founded a graphic design studio back in 1989, and has since designed over 2,000 book jackets, including many award winning design covers.

Fili has a wide selection of work, but some of it is displayed in permanent collections at the Library of Congress, the Cooper Hewitt Museum, and the Bibliothèque Nationale.  She extensively lectures her teachings, and has either co-authored or wrote over 20 different books about typography and design.

blogpost 3.2

Louise combines the use of “older” looking typeface with newer styles of design, which makes her work more dynamic and inspiring.  The images incorporated in her designs remind me of portrait work of Henri Matisse.  I find her use of bold colors and clean cut typeface appealing and really captures of age of type and design from the 90’s.  Her playfulness with color and shape is attractive and expresses more than what just words could do.

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