Day Dream

I have a friend that had an amazing exhibition, and her design for the gallery’s poster is striking in its composition. Her use of typography is very interesting, since even though the fonts are quite simple, the viewers’ eyes still know which one is the title and which one is not. Her use of scales and hierarchy for the typography is incredibly effective as well. She also have some spelling errors, but her use of colors for the poster makes up for it. The focal point, the image in the middle, has a striking contrast between the real-life black-and-white photograph and the drawn colored art.IMG_20180224_163259207.jpg

One thought on “Day Dream”

  1. I have seen this poster around the Fine Arts building and I agree that it is very striking and eye-catching! The contrast of the colors against the black and white is different from any other poster I have seen. I also think that the way the photography interacts with the simple shapes in the background keeps the viewer’s attention for longer than if the background was just a picture.


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