Identity system : Organic COFFEE, Natural Food

There are identity systems everywhere you look, from store fronts to branding. PRET is a natural foods and organic coffee shop in the city. PRET gave off a very inviting setting with walls of colorful fresh sandwiches and drinks with natural and farm fresh smells. There were also wooden, natural looking signs along the walls with quotes and -PRET CREATES- which told their customers that they proved homemade and natural foods.  Eating the food you were immediately able to taste the natural and fresh taste.


The envioroment was inviting by the calm music playing faintly in the background and the natural wood tables that you were able to sit at and enjoy your food.

One thought on “Identity system : Organic COFFEE, Natural Food”

  1. I think this identity system is really fun because it’s a place I could see myself eating at. It gives off a rustic natural feel which is very trendy right now. The use of colorful foods adds to the branding and feel that the food used is farm to table and fresh. My mom would love this little shop.


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