Online Portfolio

A popular online website that allows people to post their creative works is definitely Behance.


Behance is an Adobe-owned site that allows self promotion, giving artists the ability to post their works, whether it be photography, art, graphic design, or others.


In order to use it, one has to create an account. Then, whatever work you want to publish, post it there. The site is completely free, but there are specific privileges if the user pays.



Jordan Jackson is a graphic designer. He made a self-promotional piece to create his own brand. His use of simplicity and unified color range makes his branding extremely effective.36225153902037.5945a78549945.gif


He also has a very effective brand identity for himself. Overall, his work is very strong.6d89ad53902037.59485e6e327fa.png

Coming for ‘Murica

I find this information design on American migration a very effective one. From GOOD, in an article by Thomas Porostocky titled Transparency: Who is Coming to America?, it cleverly illustrates the immigration

Instead of just showing the data, the infographic also designs it so that the bar graph resembles the American flag, which is a clever nod to the subject matter.

Hello There!

A design team called Yes! Creative had a design template of what an identity system looked like. While it is merely a template, it looks strikingly beautiful and amazingly branded.untitled

Created by a designer named Peter Costello, it only utilizes 2 colors, black and yellow. These colors help each other stand out very effectively, and draws attention due to its sleek look. The reason why this is a well-done and overall excellent piece is because the branding is very good. Every piece of product is unified by a single set of color combination and font. Those who are familiar with the products will automatically recognize the product just by its colors and use of font. This uniformity is what makes this visual identity particularly well-realized.


Optical Illusion

Optical illusions are great works that cleverly utilize the ambiguity of positive and negative spaces. One great example is a poster for the Disney film, Brave.


In this poster, there is an influence of Yin and Yang concept, where both negative and positive spaces have forms. Each space becomes a negative space to enhance the other one into a positive space. In this example, Merida’s hair shapes the form of a black bear, while the form of the black bear creates the form for Merida’s hair.

Day Dream

I have a friend that had an amazing exhibition, and her design for the gallery’s poster is striking in its composition. Her use of typography is very interesting, since even though the fonts are quite simple, the viewers’ eyes still know which one is the title and which one is not. Her use of scales and hierarchy for the typography is incredibly effective as well. She also have some spelling errors, but her use of colors for the poster makes up for it. The focal point, the image in the middle, has a striking contrast between the real-life black-and-white photograph and the drawn colored art.IMG_20180224_163259207.jpg