Ambiguity of Positive and Negative Space


In this blog assignment, I did some research and found an artist by the name of Tang Yau Hoong; a Malaysian illustrator and designer.  Hoong focuses on the design concept of using positive and negative spaces to create conceptual, fun designs that are either satirical, political, or anything in between.  His work may be simple yet very surreal and makes the viewer think about what exactly they are looking at, like a puzzle or an illusion.

The work I have selected is a satirical take on America’s obsession with fast food and the direct correlation to our extreme obesity problem.  1 of every 5 people who die in the US die of obesity related issues.  McDonald’s, the biggest fast food company in the world by far, has a very recognizable logo which depicts an “M”, or golden arches.  Within the golden arches, two obese people take up the negative black space where the inside of the M usually is.  The background is black while the M is yellow-orange, making the contrast between negative and positive space very visible.  Also, the burgers that the obese people are holding are yellow-orange, matching the rest of the golden arch but contrasts from their actual bodies, which I thought was a very clever design move.

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