Online Portfolio

There are thousands if not millions of designers and companies trying to get their name out there and try to start a business to share their knowledge and talent of design. A successful website I found is .

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I honestly find their website stunning. It provides a calm feeling to direct you where you need to go in order to use their product. It contains their portfolio of the company and what they have to offer. Most of their pictures in the portfolio have the websites they have helped design for. The websites they help design for provide different size styles for  laptops, cellphones, tablets, and desktops.

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Also, there are prices for the use of their designs because they are helping you create a real website with your own url and much more to create the website you’re looking for. The prices are made for people who have a good business and would get back the money they make from their website. The lowest package deal they have listed on their site is just over $1,000.


When you promote yourself or a company you work for, I always see it as business. And a way to “sell” your business or idea is to give the people information. Some promotional examples to do that is a business card, brochure, poster, or portfolios. Those are how people can try to influence others or encourage them to interact with yourself and your offer. I believe the most interactive and personal piece of self-promotion is a business card.


On they have several links to other designers websites. The one that stood out the most for me was Stich Design Co. ( Their website introduces other types of self-promotion on their products and people they have teamed up with.

I chose this specific piece because it’s very unique to what I’ve seen as a business card. such as the edges of the card are bright and vibrant. And the information on the back contains all of their contact information and it adds a texture to the card being imbedded in the paper. Not only does it give a slight playfulness in their business card it still overall looks professional and self-promoting.

Great Design Blog

There is a website called The Design Blog. I found their blog the most interesting in my research. It was created for inspiration for other designers containing design pictures from all around the world. These pictures are in various categories, such as: fashion, fonts, logo design, package design, and much much more. Every section of pictures relate to each other and at the bottom of that section is clearly stated the date, explanation as to why they relate to each other, who the creator is, and which part it relates to their website. Their blog really caught my eye by the variety of artists they have, the color scheme they used, and their “logo”. They even have a section to be able to submit your own art to their page.

You can check them out by going to their website:

Information Design


This is a graphic design done by a student in RIT, her name is Jennifer Mwangi. She did a good design job to show information about gaming. The use of color contrast between the words, images and the background were chosen very considerately. The colors make the text and images stand out from the background which makes it easy to read and understand.

The poster was very well organized as well as the use of hierarchy from the title to the small informational paragraphs then to the percentages. I was very interested by the images used to described the percentage of how people used games in a certain way. The background was well detailed with the small game controllers but not too distracting from the information. And lastly the graph on the T.V. really ties it in to the page.

I believe the designer did a good job to keep the information interesting and bring the readers eye to go around the page. She also was able to keep everything related to one another, meaning there is not one item that stands out and doesn’t relate to the title. There is just enough information on the page to have the audience actually read the poster instead of thinking it’s too much to read and move on to another informational page.


There are more informational designs done by other RIT students on this website:

Ambiguity of Positive and Negative Space


This panda logo is from the site. WWF means World Wide Fund for Nature and they have a great example for the use of positive and negative space in their logo. This is a very simple example of negative and positive space. Whereas the white areas is the positive space and the black is the negative space. The designers did a good job taking the basic qualities of a panda and figuring out the spaces in between and around to make the image if the animal to make their logo.

Identity system

The meaning behind an identity system explains itself. It’s simply how you identify a product or service. You can either identify a product by the name and the design of the typeface or by the picture representing the name.

Although Nike is a logo, they have made a great way to identify their company with the famous Nike swoosh. The design was made by Carolyn Davidson starting in 1971 and have changed the logo a couple times since the start of Nike. nikelogosTheir logo consists of the main qualities needed for an identity system which is consistency and flexibility. Since Nike has been manufacturing goods they have consistently had the same logo with the swoosh. Nike has also changed the color for the logo depending on the product that they are selling. And they have been flexible by not only providing typeface into their brand but also an image. Both have been used on their products together and separately which provides a good standard of flexibility.


This website is for more about the brand:

And this website is to see it incorporated onto their product:!g!c!br!e!nike

Seen in the Real World


This poster is on campus and can be found in multiple locations (especially in the Fine Arts building). The major part about this piece, that I found most intriguing, was the background because of the contrast used to make the realistic image and the text stand out. The color of background makes the poster itself stand out from any other poster that surrounded it and the shape helps direct the viewers towards the text. And I love how the color gradient carries throughout the poster. Another part of the poster I liked was the different hierarchies in the poster. From the large title to the bold dates and then to the fine print in the corner for more information about the play. Overall, the poster was really well done and really well thought out with the space used, the light effect on the feet, and the colors.