Spartan Golf Club

spartan-golf-logo-largeThe logo for the Spartan Golf Club, in my opinion, clearly expresses the idea of ambiguity. The original designer of this optical illusion is Richard Fonteneau. The longer you stare at this amazing logo, the more you can see what this image really is. At first glance, one may say that they see the profile view of a Spartan head with a helmet on as if he had no expression. Yet, this design is created by another image. The face of this figure is created with the silhouette of a golfer, and the back of the helmet is created by the golf club in the golfer’s hands. Finally, the top part of the helmet is achieved by the artist creating the motion of the swing of the golfer’s club through the air. Although this is a logo not for a company but for a varsity golfing team (Sanderson Men’s Varsity Golf Team) in North Carolina, the thought that was put into this design can be strongly admired by those who observe it.

The Original Spartan Golf Club Website

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