Eat Real Food


This “EAT REAL FOOD” sign is located in Greenpoint, Brooklyn in New York City. I took this photo on my trip back to Long Island. This sign is so simple yet it catches a viewers attention, specifically drivers and travelers, by getting straight to the point. This sign is located on the top of “the Brooklyn kitchen.” The Brooklyn Kitchen is a culinary school that holds classes to simply teach people how to cook like grownups. Inside, you can find The Meat Hook, known for being the best butcher in Brooklyn. They also sell eggs, produce and some cheese. All of which are real, non-over-processed food. Many pieces of street art and billboard signs are able to express such a powerful message just simply through three words and two colors. The importance of this sign is to encourage the fight against fast food and protect ourselves from unhealthy habits. Slow food is better than fast food!


Learn more about the Brooklyn Kitchen!

One thought on “Eat Real Food”

  1. I really like its simplicity and how it’s very straight to the point. The red color on white background is especially striking, and its lack of serif enhances its impact, in my opinion.


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