Informative Design

informative-designInformative design is the design of either statistics or facts that are pictured in a different way, other than just words, to help a viewer interpret the information in a more creative way.  As someone who absorbs more information through visuals, I find informative design to be the most effective way to teach something, rather than just verbally.

In the example I have chosen, there are different statistics that are being pictured all within one theme.   A “sinking ship” is synonymous for a company that has become bankrupt and is failing.  There are boats of different sizes to symbolize different sized companies that have committed bankruptcy in history, with the Lehman Brothers being the biggest at 691 billion dollars in bankruptcy.  The boat size has its own key at the bottom of the graph.  Also, which I thought was creative, the color of the boats symbolize different sectors of the market– like finance, energy, air travel, real estate, etc.  This has its own key in the margin at the bottom as well.

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