GoogleWe all know Google very well, thanks to its recognizable elements. If we look at Google’s recent redesign, the logo is only a single part of its overall identity. As you can see, color, flat graphics, and geometric shapes are very important in the overall brand, no matter what program you choose to use. It’s the system’s cohesive design that attracts a viewers eye and makes them say, “That’s Google.” In September 2015, the company changed their whole brand identity after 16 years. The company explains: “It doesn’t simply tell you that you’re using Google, but also shows you how Google is working for you.” Meaning, the word ‘Google’ is not on every page, but the icons sort of scream the company name instead, due to their visual elements. Having a simple, colorful, and friendly brand identity is the reason why we all recognize Google, even without seeing the company’s name.

Read Google’s official blog post from 2015, announcing the rebranding HERE

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