Graphic Design in everyday life

IMG_1881Graphic design can be found all over the place. This poster is a great example of not only graphics but Typography and Illustration. I was really drawn in to this poster that I found in my residence hall because of the colors and the way the type popped out at me.

I really like the hierarchy being used in this piece to create emphasis on the title. The use of typography in this piece is working really nicely giving you all the information you need but still keeping the poster simple and intriguing.  I also really like the way that the “Elliot Zimet | master of illusion” was placed on the poster. The words aren’t in the generic left to right reading style but placed above and below his name in smaller lighter font which creates a more intriguing title but still allows your eye to follow the text easily.

The illustration was also done in a very nice manor, placing a black background behind the colorful area so that the parrot and man pop out at the viewer.  I feel like this was done in a very creative manor kind of creating a kind of 3D affect.

2 thoughts on “Graphic Design in everyday life”

  1. I really enjoy this piece, only because of the colors used and the way the artist used the whole page to carry the readers attention. With the illustration, no one would understand it unless they read the caption.


  2. I’ve seen this poster before in the campus. It is definitely a striking piece, and you worded it perfectly. I agree with you on its creative use of typography.


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