Information Design

This example of an information designs was created by Stanford Kay Studios. I chose this example because it grabbed my eye where I was immediately able to have a good idea of what the poster is about.

I liked the execution of the literal use of the foot to show the  Global Carbon foot print of each nation and thought it was a very creative and intriguing design choice. This poster is easy to understand and is a visually pleasing as a whole. The use of arrows create an easy balance and guide the viewers eye to the section of the foot.

The hierarchy of the circles was also successful because of placement and the way size correlates to the amount used. It is easy to tell which nations have the biggest impact with out having to read any thing. The design isn’t too crowded and allows the viewer to easily find information. The use of color grouping certain areas allowed for the viewers eye to be dragged around the poser with ease.

You can find this poster a this link

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