Creative Edge- Type by Lynn Haller

The book I have selected for this blog post is a book of the progression of typography and graphic design throughout the past 50 years.   Graphic design has shifted from precise lines and edges to a more expressive medium full of manipulation and creativity.

Typography nowadays is a very wide spectrum; images can be created with words, or words can be almost completely absent from a piece, but meaning is still strong.  Type can be “custom created” to fit a certain concept that the artist is trying to convey to the viewer.  This technique emphasizes the storytelling aspect of the piece.  Type can be created on the computer, by hand, or even by rubber stamps and an inkpad.

The image I have selected from the book is a black and white CD cover for the AV Deli/audio production house.  The designer, Thomas Wolfe, used several programs to create this cover like Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, Raydream Designer, and QuarkXPress.  The typeface used is called Banco, which is a querky-type font that has short but expressive lines and bends.  The CD is of sound effects created from manipulated snippets from old B movies which is made into a collection of industrial sound bytes.  After listening to the CD, Thomas was inspired and the soundtracks reminded him of the old Godzilla movies.  He wanted to portray those sounds in an edgy, rough feel to the cover.

I think this cover stands out to me because of the use of type and photography.  They are working hand to hand as the photograph of the lizard’s expressive, open-mouth face is almost clamping down on the type.  Extra details, like the dust and noise makes the image look more aged and edgy!blogpost 2

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