Seen in the real world

Typography that caught my eye was Kylie Cosmetics lipsticks. I also love how she put her signature flowy drips on everything. I think the drips effectively tie all her products together even though there is such a huge range of colors. I think the aspect of the drips is effective in promoting a liquid lipstick line. She also incorporates the drips on her regular packaging so the bottle and the box it comes in matches. Although, for this specific color it was part of her holiday collection so the packaging was just plain silver. I like how the packaging has “Holiday Collection” in bold but underneath is “Kylie” in caps and in bigger text then the previous line. I feel like this makes the consumer very aware of the brand there are looking at. I also think the silver is appealing to the eye especially for the holidays because it is used a lot on decorations. On the actual bottle the silver is incorporated again along with her name and the drips. I think all of these aspects match so well that it makes it pleasing to the consumers eyes.

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