Identity Systems: Nike


Nike is one of the most successful companies selling anything from apparel, footwear, equipment and accessories. Nike’s logo is extremely successful in the sense that it is so simple yet so recognizable.

hwl With just a simple checkmark and the catch phrase “Just Do It”, any one is able to recognize the symbol. What makes the logo even more fascinating is  how the words Nike don’t need to be present for people to recognize it. The word and check mark are able to work together or alone and will still be identifiable.





One thought on “Identity Systems: Nike”

  1. Good job, Nike is a good example of identity design. Every time I see their logo, I instantly recognize their brand. They have a very powerful identity in general. Like you said, their company name doesn’t even need to be included in their logo; you immediately recognize them. Their slogan and marketing are as top notch as their products in my opinion.


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