Identity System

Tommy Hilfiger is a widely renowned and identifiable brand. Their simple logo design consists of three colors: red, navy and white. These colors create a foundation for the brands identity, which is centered around a specific lifestyle. Hilfiger uses these colors in many of their products, from accessories to fragrance, usually in a stripe pattern. This pattern becomes synonymous with the brand and unifies all these products under the name.  For me these colors work well in creating the “preppy with a twist” style that Hilfiger aims for. The colors are very american, giving off a sophisticated feel when paired together. As for the logo itself, the red and white blocks come from the International Code of Signals for the letter “H”. The identity system is successful because it is repeatedly used in Hilfiger’s designs and advertisements. Structuring a brand around the lifestyle and identity of the target consumer requires a unified and consistent concept, and I believe the identity style created by Hilfiger does a good job.

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