Salary Guide for UX Design


As someone who is trying to break in the UX field, I frequently look up information pertaining to UX design jobs. One image I found was this infographic that gives salary information depending on the city. This image provides an excellent way to find out more about salaries in this field and I would consider it a good example of information design.

The reason I find that it is designed well is that it is very intuitive in how the information is presented. The big bubbles that hover over each city give the user a glimpse of the income potential in each city. In addition, there are lists and pie charts that go into greater detail regarding the professions in demand and salary range. I think visually, there are many aspects to this design that I would consider appealing to the user. The font is playful yet easy to read, information is laid out thoughtfully and carefully, and the color scheme is light but pleasant.

Overall, I think this infographic provides a solid foundation for someone like me who could use this information to understand the field better. Visually striking and isn’t overwhelming, the design lends itself to people who want to learn more information on salaries for UX jobs.


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