Self Promotion

This is a self-promotional piece I came across on from artist Citra Kumala Birowo. Self Promotion “Christmas Edition” is a set of the artist’s portfolio and resume. The concept of this self promotion is about giving someone a gift. This project was created a few weeks before Christmas, so for that reason the self promotion looks like a Christmas present. The designer states the main design looks like a Christmas wreath formed in letter “C”. The rest of design uses orange and brown color to show the warmth of Christmas. However, the actual gift is not the portfolio book. Instead, the chocolate bar inside the box is used to be a creative media for her resume. On the label, it contains all her biodata, personal information about her education, my skills, and etc. The plan is when someone or a design agency receives the gift box, when they read the portfolio book and also eat the chocolate bar that has been inserted. Under the chocolate bar, you can find a flashdisk which contains softcopies of her portfolio. I feel this piece was very successful because it is creative and well thought out from every aspect. You can see more photos of her project here:


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