Self Promotion


I found this graphic designer by the name of Kyle Robertson to be successful at promoting his own work.  Within this self promotion, Kyle includes different versions of his electronic “signature”; like his actual signature, developed version, and a final version within a ‘crest’.  He also includes a color palette of his name logo and the fonts that he uses.  Robertson shows his style being used in a tabloid newspaper format, which makes up his strongest work.  He shows his work how it would look if it was printed and his seal was being used on a paper.  He also includes his resume which is very clean and minimal looking; it really is an informative piece and overall great example of his style and work.Screen Shot 2018-05-05 at 12.53.12 PM.png

Self Promotion


This self promotion piece that I chose was designed by a digital painter named Sherman Jackson. This business card really stood out to me and made me say “wow”. As a digital painter it’s only right to have a business card that can capture your talent. This business card already captured my attention to the artist and I haven’t even seen his actual work which is completely the goal in self promotion.

About the Business Card

Self-Promotion Example


While browsing for self-promotion images, this one specifically grabbed my attention. What I like about it is its simplicity as well as effectiveness in communicating its ideas.

The creator cleverly used an image of himself with many colors splashed around giving an overall vibe of playfulness or cheeriness. I like how all of his skills are scattered all around the page with different sizes, orientations, and typefaces showcasing his breadth of capabilities. At the same time, the page seems simple in its design because the background is white and there aren’t many elements on the page besides the words and face.

All in all, a very interesting self promotion piece. It shows the creator’s skills in a cool way that doesn’t seem too pompous while conveying the message effectively.

Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee Roasters

Pablo and Rusty’s is a small wholesaler, retailer, and cafe in Sydney. Their goal is to get their coffee from sustainable areas and creating the perfect roast. Their identity is dominant in typography. The serif font replicates old coffee sacks and crates and is popular in the coffee culture. P&R’s take on the improvement of coffee as both a product and an industry is visually sophisticated and attractive to customers. Their simple color scheme is professional and polished, just like their coffee products.

Design company- Raine & Makin

Pablo & Rusty’s Coffee Roasters website

Self Promotion: Ashton Milton

self promo

Ashton Milton is a Graphic Designer who is a recent graduate from college and does freelance graphic design work. What caught my eye with this postcard was how Milton used the negative white space to bring different shapes to the page. Using A and M together (his initials) he was able to make a simple yet such an eye catching logo. There might only be three colors but the mountain like shapes make it that you just want to find all the beautiful shapes. Also having the one side of the card with only his logo reminds me of a pattern you would see on a poster or even something that would be used for an intricate wallpaper for a computer screen.

Self Promotion


On the topic of self promotion, I decided to choose someone who’s art I really admire. Jessica Madorran is an artist who’s style is unique to her, and what I enjoy is she custom designs art for her business cards. They usually have an “art” theme to them, and feature her information on the back in simple text. I really enjoy how her cards are an extension of her, and are almost a mini print of her work. It’s simple, but still advertises her brand and her style of work right of the bat.