Information Design


This is a graphic design done by a student in RIT, her name is Jennifer Mwangi. She did a good design job to show information about gaming. The use of color contrast between the words, images and the background were chosen very considerately. The colors make the text and images stand out from the background which makes it easy to read and understand.

The poster was very well organized as well as the use of hierarchy from the title to the small informational paragraphs then to the percentages. I was very interested by the images used to described the percentage of how people used games in a certain way. The background was well detailed with the small game controllers but not too distracting from the information. And lastly the graph on the T.V. really ties it in to the page.

I believe the designer did a good job to keep the information interesting and bring the readers eye to go around the page. She also was able to keep everything related to one another, meaning there is not one item that stands out and doesn’t relate to the title. There is just enough information on the page to have the audience actually read the poster instead of thinking it’s too much to read and move on to another informational page.


There are more informational designs done by other RIT students on this website:

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