Sleek Interface

The online web hosting site Square Space is a popular platform for those looking to create a site of their own.  the platform offers a free trial, with $12 and $18 per month options. A feature I found to be unique was that students get 50% off their first full year. Square Space also gives their customers many options to chose from, and templates for any type of website model, with option to adjust how one pleases.  The design of their own website is very navigable and free of any needless type or designs. This makes Square Space a good platform to create an online portfolio on, much like other artists have done for themselves.

square space

squarw space

One artist, Jacquelin Deleon, uses Square Space to show her work, her shop, and link to her social media. As for her portfolio, the website design she chose is unique, with large banners introducing her projects and areas of work, followed by several images with labels on what they are. This is definitely unique and presents her work in a creative way to those viewing her site and those who may be looking to hire her for a project. Thus giving Square Space the representation of having sleek and effective options when it comes to user friendly portfolio sites.

Self Promotion


On the topic of self promotion, I decided to choose someone who’s art I really admire. Jessica Madorran is an artist who’s style is unique to her, and what I enjoy is she custom designs art for her business cards. They usually have an “art” theme to them, and feature her information on the back in simple text. I really enjoy how her cards are an extension of her, and are almost a mini print of her work. It’s simple, but still advertises her brand and her style of work right of the bat.



Neatly Wrapped

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 11.20.31 PM

I was pleasantly surprised when I stumbled upon The Dieline Package Design Blog. Founded by Andrew Gibbs, the blog features stunning an innovative packaging from around the world. The blog caught my attention because of the beautiful designs being showcased, the aesthetics of the branding and flow of the collections made me want to come up with a product of my own. A feature I found especially intriguing was the option to search package designs by what they are printed on, whether it be wood, plastic, or sustainable materials. Definitely give this blog a look if you are in need of inspiration.

Screen Shot 2018-04-04 at 11.23.25 PM

Coffee or Tea?


This graphic was created by a Malaysian designer, and the information relates to Malaysians specifically. Nonetheless the statistics don’t seem that off from any average society. I was drawn to this chart for a few reasons, first being that I drink coffee everyday and found the graphic interesting. The second reason being the color, the ones chosen are very warm and inviting and give a coffee shop feel. Design wise, the information is very easy to read and the layout is crisp and organized. The typeface is also straight forward while still fitting the theme of the design. The fact that the designer took a creative twist on presenting these statistics adds visual interest to the work. It makes it more interesting to the reader rather than presenting any average graph. Also worth noting is the use of a different layout for each statistic, giving each group it’s own illustration ensures the reader won’t become confused. Personally, this graphic is very pleasing to look at overall, it could even be seen as something hung up in a cafe. Which is why I believe this is a good representation of information design.

Identity System

Tommy Hilfiger is a widely renowned and identifiable brand. Their simple logo design consists of three colors: red, navy and white. These colors create a foundation for the brands identity, which is centered around a specific lifestyle. Hilfiger uses these colors in many of their products, from accessories to fragrance, usually in a stripe pattern. This pattern becomes synonymous with the brand and unifies all these products under the name.  For me these colors work well in creating the “preppy with a twist” style that Hilfiger aims for. The colors are very american, giving off a sophisticated feel when paired together. As for the logo itself, the red and white blocks come from the International Code of Signals for the letter “H”. The identity system is successful because it is repeatedly used in Hilfiger’s designs and advertisements. Structuring a brand around the lifestyle and identity of the target consumer requires a unified and consistent concept, and I believe the identity style created by Hilfiger does a good job.

Hidden Picture


A well known brand name, the FedEx logo is common place to anyone. Ranking as one of the eight best logos in the last thirty five years, the design is very straightforward and simplistic. As any great logo, the arrow perched between the E and X offers a minimal and effective concept of the brand to viewer. Designed by Lindon Leader, it remains a strong and universally known image.

Seen in the Real World

blog post

This poster was designed by my friend Janaya for Art and Scope. I love the composition of it and how the bright yellow contrasts the pink and purple. The design is impactful even with it’s limited color pallet, at a glance the message still gets across. The poster’s use of negative space, repeating elements and rich colors make for a succsessful design.

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