Great Design Blog: Cognitive and Design

cognitive 2.pngI have always had a love for digital art, digital design, photography, and psychology. While being a dual major in both photography and psychology I always felt like there was a connection; that psychology allowed me to do better art work due to my perception. Mel Stefano wrote an article called What Cognitive Science Taught Me About Design just last week. In the article, Stefano breaks it down how cognitive perception and how unconscious shifts allow us to improve our creativity and our overall work. Other key points that Stefano brings up are short term memory, attention, leverage pop-out effect, etc.

cognitiveI find this article to be very helpful for someone like myself who likes to see the connection between art and science, but it can also be a great way to help an artist improve and even have a better understanding of their thought process when working.


One thought on “Great Design Blog: Cognitive and Design”

  1. I found your post to be incredibly interesting! I think that many people in the graphic design field recognize the importance keeping the audience’s attention when designing posters and such, but it was cool to read about what “keeping someone’s attention” actually means psychologically.


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