Coffee or Tea?


This graphic was created by a Malaysian designer, and the information relates to Malaysians specifically. Nonetheless the statistics don’t seem that off from any average society. I was drawn to this chart for a few reasons, first being that I drink coffee everyday and found the graphic interesting. The second reason being the color, the ones chosen are very warm and inviting and give a coffee shop feel. Design wise, the information is very easy to read and the layout is crisp and organized. The typeface is also straight forward while still fitting the theme of the design. The fact that the designer took a creative twist on presenting these statistics adds visual interest to the work. It makes it more interesting to the reader rather than presenting any average graph. Also worth noting is the use of a different layout for each statistic, giving each group it’s own illustration ensures the reader won’t become confused. Personally, this graphic is very pleasing to look at overall, it could even be seen as something hung up in a cafe. Which is why I believe this is a good representation of information design.

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