Wix is a popular website builder that allows users to create a website for free without any knowledge of coding. I myself have used it and I consider it to be very reliable albeit somewhat slow to use. Nevertheless, I was able to create a surprisingly professional-looking portfolio that highlights my skills as a UI/UX designer.

One of the reasons I love Wix is that the interface is extremely easy to navigate and it’s very easy to use. All you have to do is drag components from a sidebar and then you can adjust settings straight from the component itself. There aren’t many controls to fiddle around with which can be good and bad. Having limited options is never great for fine adjustments, however it can be incredible for an easy to use program which I believe is the best way to go. The color scheme, typography, and simplistic style offer an enjoyable and productive method of building a website.

Even though it’s a free service, it is possible to upgrade to more premium plans. This gives the user the ability to block ads, increase bandwidth, increase storage, and plenty more options. Here’s the link: wix.com

And here are some examples:

Self-Promotion Example


While browsing for self-promotion images, this one specifically grabbed my attention. What I like about it is its simplicity as well as effectiveness in communicating its ideas.

The creator cleverly used an image of himself with many colors splashed around giving an overall vibe of playfulness or cheeriness. I like how all of his skills are scattered all around the page with different sizes, orientations, and typefaces showcasing his breadth of capabilities. At the same time, the page seems simple in its design because the background is white and there aren’t many elements on the page besides the words and face.

All in all, a very interesting self promotion piece. It shows the creator’s skills in a cool way that doesn’t seem too pompous while conveying the message effectively.



Design Blog


This a design blog that in my opinion looks fantastic. It’s an art and design blog that showcases all sorts of visually stimulating work. Its layout is simple and easy to navigate, the work takes up the whole page enveloping the user in gorgeous content, and there’s content catered to whatever interest is relevant to the user.

There are many interesting elements on the page that strike me as unique but effective in attracting attention. The logo and navigation bar are dynamic and showcase beautiful-looking animations when you hover over them. Because the header image is big and bold, the website feels all-encompassing and the content feels very unconstrained as a result.

As you move down the blog, you’ll notice other enticing elements to the website. The highlights for instance allows the user to view work that is featured and can be very inspirational to look at. Down further, the creativity finder is a great method of searching for content that you can relate to by putting down information such as the location that you’re from, what kind of work you’re looking for, and for what purpose.

All in all, a lovely blog with many visually appealing elements that can inspire anyone from the blossoming artist to a design veteran looking to improve their skills further.

Salary Guide for UX Design


As someone who is trying to break in the UX field, I frequently look up information pertaining to UX design jobs. One image I found was this infographic that gives salary information depending on the city. This image provides an excellent way to find out more about salaries in this field and I would consider it a good example of information design.

The reason I find that it is designed well is that it is very intuitive in how the information is presented. The big bubbles that hover over each city give the user a glimpse of the income potential in each city. In addition, there are lists and pie charts that go into greater detail regarding the professions in demand and salary range. I think visually, there are many aspects to this design that I would consider appealing to the user. The font is playful yet easy to read, information is laid out thoughtfully and carefully, and the color scheme is light but pleasant.

Overall, I think this infographic provides a solid foundation for someone like me who could use this information to understand the field better. Visually striking and isn’t overwhelming, the design lends itself to people who want to learn more information on salaries for UX jobs.


Five Guys

Five Guys is a restaurant chain that sells burgers and fries among other things. Their identity system is based off the colors red and white with checkerboard patterns. Their interior design is reminiscent of the 50’s and 60’s and all of their workers’ uniforms look more or less old fashioned in order to go along with the theme of their restaurant. Their menu is very simple making their service is highly efficient. They mostly sell burgers, fries, milkshakes, and drinks; Peanuts are complimentary.

The identity that they are aiming for is designed in a way that going inside their restaurant feels like traveling back in time. Along with classic looking tables and booths, the overall vibe is highly distinguishable from other restaurants.



Swan & Mallard

This is a logo produced by graphic designer John Randall from England. It’s actually a concept design and doesn’t represent a real restaurant, but the use of positive and negative space makes this particular piece rather striking. The contrast is very high with deep blacks and bright whites. The juxtaposition of the swan and the mallard gives a very interesting effect. The positive space is represented by the swan while the negative space represents the mallard all while the swan is in the shape of an ampersand. Overall, a really cool and intriguing design; original and thought-provoking.

Designer: John Randall

Website: https://www.behance.net/gallery/16797627/The-Swan-Mallard

Colored Pencils

This is a picture I took of my colored pencils container. The cover image seems to be an illustration of some kind. What I found interesting about it is the abstract style of the illustration. It looks like a women looking up at the stars from her balcony. Her face is almost 2-dimensional and her expression seems distant, but at the same time having a sense of wonder. The illustration has a dark undertone with limited contrast and the style is very grainy. Though very simple in its execution, one cannot help but wonder the emotional, yet somewhat provocative nature of this piece. This is why I like it and ultimately why I decided to write about it.