Information System : Maps

Maps are a great form of information systems. There is a lot to be seen and is easy to navigate with out words. Maps have a hierarchy which is similar to all maps making them universal.  On the MET and MOMA trip to the city I found a booth that provided a  map of central park. This map provided a lay out of the park and all of the trails and possible roots to take. At the booth a worker drew out where you were and gave you possible roots which were highlighted in a thick white line or main roads and thin white lines for side paths to get to where you wanted to be next. Our path brought us straight o the back of the MET where I  was able to get another map that laid out the floors and building of both the MET and MOMA. Maps also provide a key which allows the viewer to see what each piece means making it easier to decipher with out words. There is a clear hierarchy in all maps where the more important/the more populated areas are larger and more visible then the small side roads/paths.


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