When you promote yourself or a company you work for, I always see it as business. And a way to “sell” your business or idea is to give the people information. Some promotional examples to do that is a business card, brochure, poster, or portfolios. Those are how people can try to influence others or encourage them to interact with yourself and your offer. I believe the most interactive and personal piece of self-promotion is a business card.


On they have several links to other designers websites. The one that stood out the most for me was Stich Design Co. ( Their website introduces other types of self-promotion on their products and people they have teamed up with.

I chose this specific piece because it’s very unique to what I’ve seen as a business card. such as the edges of the card are bright and vibrant. And the information on the back contains all of their contact information and it adds a texture to the card being imbedded in the paper. Not only does it give a slight playfulness in their business card it still overall looks professional and self-promoting.

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