Emory Douglas

Emory Douglas was born in 1943, in Grand Rapids, Michigan with his mother who was legally blind. But when he moved to San Francisco Bay area his life turned around. In college, he studied commercial art and took graphic design classes and print making classes at San Francisco City College. Later on, in his life, he became known for all of his art pieces in the newspaper called The Black Panther.

Emory Douglas worked in the Black Panther Party from 1967 to 1980 and was also the minister of Culture. His images represented the African American struggles during the 60’s and the 70’s. Through this party, he became one of the revolutionary artists for his bold actions of art.

Eventually, Douglas was feared by the government by all his political statements in his art works. It was his ability to provoke the people which scared them the most. He made so many visuals for the people to recognize what is really happening in the world.


This piece was made in the first newspaper in 1970 for the Black Panther Party. It is called “All Power to the People”.

Here are some more links about him and his art:



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