Kate DeCiccio: Achieving Our Full Selves


Kate DeCiccio is an american graphic designer based in DC. Her portfolio features a wide range of posters, murals and advocacy work. The goal of all of her projects is to build community and one of her passions is bringing art education to those without access to it. Traveling to prisons and juvenile detention centers to help people discover their creativity.

Her designs feature strong colors and portraits of real people affected by issues she’s representing. DeCiccio’s work transforms spaces, gives voice to those without one, and attracts the viewer with a personal message in each piece.

“Achieving Our Full Selves” is a poster done by DeCiccio was chosen to represent the 2017 Women’s March.


2 thoughts on “Kate DeCiccio: Achieving Our Full Selves”

  1. I thought it was really interesting when i read that the artist would visit prisons and detention centers, and the picture making the point to embrace each other, really shows that she is really for embracing everyone even those that are detained.


  2. I really love DeCiccio’s use of pin art and retro comic coloring styles in her Women’s Rights poster. It re-evokes the Civil Rights Movement of the past, while still clearly being modern due to the subject’s fashion sense.


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