Online Portfolio: Squarespace


Squarespace is an easy, user friendly way to make your own websites or online portfolio without any knowledge of how to code. There are dozens of customizable templates to choose from. The website offers a free 14-day trial, without having to even put a credit card in, but then payment is required.

Click here for the squarespace website

One great example of an artist portfolio created using square space is Sour Bones


By visiting the site, you can see how clean and professional a squarespace website can be.

Self Promotion: Elissa Surabian

Image result for digital art business card

I chose this promotion piece because it stuck out to me compared to the others I saw. The front of the business card really captures her use of typography in chalk art. While the back, shows more of her more detailed work, with a bright orange background, which really stands out.

Click here to visit her website


Great Design Blog: Anoosha Syed


Anoosha Syed’s personal Blog Website is a great place to view her work. She is currently a freelance artist working off commissions. She has recently gained a huge Social Media following with 68k Twitter followers, and 59k Instagram followers.

She has a unique, cartoony style that she uses throughout all of her work. Check out her blog here

matilda gestures.jpg

Information Design: SYNERGY CREATIVE



Synergy Creative by Lindsey Baker is a good example of information design. The industrial city in the center of the design branches out into many different aspects of what she is trying to inform viewers of.

The main point of the design is to push people to eat less meat, and have more of a plant based diet. She does this by showing how this can benefit people, and also the planet. She uses data such as percentages, miles, and gallons to prove her point in the info-graphic.

Books on Graphic Design: 21st Century


One interesting thing the book went on to describe was how virtually everything is a product of a designers imagination. Any object that was created, had to have some sort of design process for it to be built. The book also went on to describe that graphic design, or “visual communication” has been going on for hundreds of years, one way or another. Obviously, as technology has expanded, the graphic design process has become more advanced, and will continue to grow in the future.

Graphics for Change: Gale Hart

This painting is titled “Why not eat your pet?” by Gale Hart. She wanted to tackle the issue of animal cruelty.

Gale Hart is a Sacramento based multimedia artist. Her work includes paintings, sculptures, and furniture.

As seen in this image, Hart has a unique style throughout her paintings. She complied multiple components to form one whole image. Her goal through her pieces are to engage viewers and get them thinking about the state of humanity, and other important issues.

To see more of Gale Hart’s work, visit her website.